Marlon Kobacker And His Amazing Key Projects Nov19


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Marlon Kobacker And His Amazing Key Projects

Marlon is the name which is very famous and need not any kind of introduction at all. People of all over the world must know this so talented and amazing professional who is here to give best advices on sustainability and finance matter.


He is presently working with the Clean energy corporation Australia as a principal and sustainability advisory, which is known for offering various services. Yes, he is playing all he major roles like, solar PV system design and delivery, which work well with the battery storage solutions. Not only this, he is associated with various other tasks, like- energy, carbon, and water strategies in order to support to all of his clients in order to eliminate the heavy utility bills as well as safe the environment.

Marlon Kobacker has also worked as a senior sustainability advisor with the Transurban and successfully handled amazing and various sorts of infrastructure and building projects. Not only this, he was also completed other various sorts of projects, in regards to the charity, community, public art, urban regenerations and various others.

In AECOM, working as a principal sustainability consultant, he worked with various key projects, like- roads and maritime services, googong township, northconnex, curtin university master plan and various others, which are completely a giant projects and need a pro to handle everything successfully Marlon is undoubtedly phenomenal in working with the same and successfully accomplished all the projects using fair means of practices, smart work and other hi-tech approaches.

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