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Things You Need to Know About Moto GP Riders

Are you a fan of Moto Grand Prix? If you do, here we have interesting things that you need to know.

Are you ready? Okay. Let’s (2)

#1: Riders average over 100mph during races

Bradley Smith, one of the riders, races a Yamaha YZR-M1 that has a top speed of 215mph. Even on the turns and twists of a race circuit, Smith still averages about 110mph.

Note: His bike has 250 horsepower, which is a lot faster than a car. It does 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds.

#2: The bikes’ weight is twice of an average adult male

When you see the riders race on the track, it looks effortless, right? But, do you know that the bikes are heavy?

That’s right. The bike weights about 160 kilos. A quite heavy physical object to move around the track. To build strength and stability, Smith does regular workouts that are targeting his arms, shoulders and core.

#3: During a race, riders can lose up to 2 liters of sweat

Do you know that riders sweat a lot?

Indeed, MotoGP is much more physically grueling sport than many observers presume. A combination of challenging race environments and intense physical demands make are the cause.  According to Smith, during race riders can lose up to two liters of sweat in 45 minutes.

#4: The tire contact point is no more than a 50p piece on corners

Smith uses 16.5-inch rim Bridgestone tires, which are specifically designed to handle the demands of the race. He said that on corners, riders have a 55-degree lean angle, so the contact patch of the tire is no bigger than a 50p piece. That is an amazing grip level. Even in the rain, the rider can average 95mph.

Note: the tires cost about 1000 Euros per pair.

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